An Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) allows you to fly as a Pilot-In-Command of a Malaysian-registered multi-crew aircraft for the aircraft types endorsed in the license – for commercial air transport.

Entry Requirements:

  • Fluent in the English language

  • Possess an existing and valid Commercial Pilot’s Licence with an Instrument rating.

  • Letter of Approval from the CAAM

Ground School Training Requirements:

MFA offers Ground School training for CAAM ATPL. During this course, the entire syllabus is taught in 750 hours. Below are the subjects taught during the ATPL Ground School:

Phase 1A

  • Principle of Flight

  • Human Performance Limitations

  • VFR Communications

  • IFR Communications

Phase 1B

  • Airframe & Systems

  • Meteorology

  • Instruments

Phase 2A

  • Radio Navigation

  • General Navigation

  • Performance (Aeroplane)

Phase 2B

  • Mass & Balance

  • Flight Planning and Monitoring

  • Air Law 1 & 2

  • Operational Procedures