Flight Instructor Rating is required by Commercial Pilot Licence holders to be employed as a Flight Instructor to deliver training to cadets. The MFA AFI / FI Rating Training course content meets CAAM requirements as per the applicable Civil Aviation Directives and Guidance Materials. We also provide FI (2) and FI (4) conversion training for FI (1) holders.

Entry Requirements:

  • Minimum age 21 years old
  • Letter of approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia
  • An existing and valid Malaysian Commercial Pilot Licence / Instrument Rating (Aeroplane)
  • Minimum 200 flying hours on aircraft before the commencement of the course
  • Pass medical examination Class I with a requisite certificate from a CAAM Designated Medical Examiner (applicants are advised to check the CAAM website directly for an up-to-date list of such DME) and;
  • English language at minimum level 4 is acceptable, but higher competence is preferable.

Ground School Training Requirements:

During the Ground School training phase of the AFI / FI rating training course, the candidate will be required to complete a minimum of 125 hours as per the training syllabus fulfilling the requirements of the applicable CAD and CAGM.

Flying Phase Training Requirements:

Aircraft Flown: PA28

Simulator Flown: ALSIM, ELITE fixed base FNPT II

Total Flight Training, including AFI / FI flight test: 30 hours minimum

Flying skills taught during Day: Basic Instructional Technique and General Handling from the right seat.